How Prep Dish Works

No more thinking. No more stress. No more meal time guesswork.

With our Gluten Free and Paleo meal plans, you'll enjoy healthy, tasty meals with your family all week long!

Weekly Menus

Receive real-food meal plans via email (you get BOTH gluten free & Paleo plans!) 

Grocery List

Breeze through grocery shopping with our printable, organized shopping lists. 

Prep Ahead

Spend only 2-3 hours prepping a week of meals using our easy-to-follow instructions.


Simply heat & eat! Dish up a healthy, whole-food meal your entire family will love! Yum!

Get all of the tools you need to save time & money while eating healthy!

When checking out, use code: NUTRITION (in all caps)



You want to eat better...home-cooked meals, nourishing breakfasts, wholesome snacks, indulgent, guilt-free desserts. But in the hectic day-to-day it seems easier to eat out or grab a pre-packaged, not-so-healthy food item.


Our meal plans take the guess work out of the dreaded question, "What's for dinner?" We provide a weekly downloadable mealplan as your step-by-step guide for meals each week!

Enjoy whole-foods based meals thoughtfully crafted to make the most of your budget, save you time and surprise your taste buds. 


“After several years working as a personal chef, I've realized the KEY to healthy eating is to be prepared... with my mealplans, you don't have to think about meals, I do all the planning for you!”

What Our Fans Have To Say...

Jessica March

- Jessica, Full-Time Working Mom

"We are saving hundreds of dollars a month now that we use Prep Dish. I never realized how much money we were wasting each week going out to eat for lunch and dinner! We decided to put the savings into a future college account for our daughter instead."

Gluten Free Frenzy

- Chandice, Blogger at Gluten Free Frenzy

"Typically with other people’s meal plans or guides, I feel like I spend more time in the kitchen. With Prep Dish, I was able to cut down on prep and cooking times while providing much more creative dishes to my family."

- Natalie, Busy Mom on a Mission

"Thank you Allison & Prep Dish!!! The food is delicious and we are both feeling better. Steven has lost at least 10 pounds and I am down about 5 pounds. Woohoo! The best part is that it doesn't feel like we are on a diet or anything, just eating healthy :)."

- Lisa, Founder of 100 Days of Real Food

"I think planning ahead is key when it comes to avoiding processed food. And that's because it's those times when you don't have a plan that you find yourself looking for a quick option, which sometimes ends up being the drive through."

Hurry, this deal ends soon! When checking out, use code: NUTRITION (in all caps)